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These images were originally found on a German website a few years ago. The site is no longer active. The original creator is unknown.

That original set included locomotives facing both directions, but the cars were only created facing one direction. The train would be represented as going the other direction by simply reversing the order of the cars. However, in actuality, this gave it the look of traveling backwards. To remedy this, I created a set of "westbound" cars, with the correct profile (dome forward) and with details appropriate for that side of the car.

A few notes:

  • The baggage car can face either way, but based on photographic evidence, the double doors were generally toward the front.
  • If "Westbound" and "Eastbound" seem odd, think of "Westbound" as "Left-facing", and "Eastbound" as "Right-facing".
  • The images are in gif format. To save the images, right-click on the image you want and select "Save"
CB&Q F3-A  
**F3A WB**
**F3A EB**
CB&Q F3-B  
**F3B WB**
**F3A EB**
D&RGW F3-A  
**F3A WB**
**F3A EB**
D&RGW F3-B  
**F3B WB**
**F3B EB**
WP F3-A  
WP F3-B  
Dome Coach (CZ22 & CZ20)  
Dome Coach
w/Conductor's Window (CZ21)
Same as above
6-5 Sleeper  
10-6 Sleeper  
1952 10-6 Sleeper
(Silver Crag & Silver Chasm)
Same as above
Sectional Sleeper/Chair Coach  
Dome Observation  


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