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Support your local railroad museum! If your local museum sells books, try to buy there first. If they don't have what you want and can't get it, or you don't have a local railroad museum, try one of the museums listed here.

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Portrait of a Silver Lady - The Train They Called the California Zephyr - Bruce A. MacGregor and Ted Benson , First Printing, 1977. Currently out of Print.



CZ - The Story of the California Zephyr - Karl R. Zimmermann, First Printing, 1972. Current (4th) Printing 1996, Quadrant Press, Inc.




Never on Wednesday - the first decade of the Rio Grande Zephyr - Richard Loveman and Mel Patrick. A book about the Rio Grande Zephyr. Many great photos. Currently out of print.



Zephyrs Thru The Rockies - featuring America's train... The Rio Grande Zephyr - Harold A. Edmonson and David Goodheart.Currently out of print.




Burlington's Zephyrs - Karl Zimmermann, First Printing, 2004.




Zephyr - Tracking A Dream Across America - Henry Kisor, 1994 Times Books. Henry Kisor recounts his experiences while riding Amtrak's California Zephyr. Currently out of print.




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