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October 17, 2003

"The California Zephyr Returns"

Trains Unlimited Tours has announced they will be coordinating a California Zephyr special train, assembled with CZ cars from all over the country. According to TUT, this is the largest CZ consist assembled since the demise of the original CZ in 1970. This was originally planned as just a "Domes to Reno" trip for the Western Pacific Historical Society Convention. But with putting together this great event, they have renamed the excursion "The California Zephyr Returns".

They have eight cars tentatively confirmed, and have one or two more possible. We're not sure of all the cars involved, but you can count on Silver Solarium and Silver Lariat to be sure.

On top of all this, if all goes well, at the point will be vintage WP F-units (surely 805 will lead the way) courtesy of the Portola Railroad Museum. Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that this will happen. It's not a sure thing yet. TUT has made it clear, that with or without the F-units, they're required to bring along Amtrak power as well. If the F-units make the trip, the Amtrak units will be directly behind them.

There will also be day trips during the convention. So if you're finding your own way there, you can still enjoy the thrill of riding aboard this train.

These trips are great anyway, and with all the added excitement, this is one you don't want to miss. Visit Trains Unlimited Tours' website for more information:


August 19, 2003



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